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About me.

About me.

What’s poppin’ homies?!

My name is Maddie, and I’m starting a new blog. I began blogging on my vsco account about a year and a half ago through my journals. It’s just a little hobby of mine and I guess I decided to get serious about it. I love the little things in life like pretty cloud formations, sunsets, a good cup of coffee, corny jokes, the way the street lights reflect off of the road after it rains, and “I love to smile, smiling’s my favorite.” I’m a very sarcastic person and try not to take things too seriously. I love adventuring and exploring all that this beautiful world has to offer. I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like but hopefully that will change in the near future….

Enough of the intro… Why start a new blog, you might ask?

Over time, I have developed a love for writing. It has become somewhat of a coping mechanism for me. When going through a difficult time, I write. When something crazy happens, I write. When someone makes me mad, I write. When nothing happens at all, I still write. I may not be that good, but why should that stop me from doing something that I love?

Recently a close friend of mine whom I have considered a sister figure for some time now encouraged me to start a new blog, and to share my story with others.

I feel as though I’m a little in over my head here because I don’t know if I will actually be able to commit to maintaining this, although I will try my hardest. Usually when I set my mind to something I see it through and that is what I intend to do with this blog.

I will probably write about everything under the sun, there is no exact theme to this, so let’s just go with it 🙂

Just a girl, writing about her life. Welcome to the life of Maddie Boggs.


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