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Godly Man or “Christian” boy?

Godly Man or “Christian” boy?


What is the difference between a Christian boy who claims himself to be a “Godly man” and a true Man of God? 

A boy thinks being a Christian and a “man of god” is about appearance; they will go to church, they will post about God’s love and mercy and how to treat a woman on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, but fair warning, any guy who values Instagram likes and using his “Godly” image to gain attention from others is NOT a true man of God. A godly man knows that following Christ is a LIFESTYLE not a social media platform, and that a changed life only truly happens when you seek God on a daily basis and focus your attention on Him and not the attention of other people.

A boy treats a woman well only while it benefits him, and while he is interested. A Godly man treats women well, ALWAYS, and respectfully because he knows you are made in the image of God and he will be held accountable by Christ Himself for the honor he shows you.

A boy will try to seek God through His Word, His church or His people but will remain unteachable because they are set in their child-like ways of putting themselves first and what THEY want, not what God wants. A godly man seeks Him and pursues Him through these sources on a daily basis because he is eager and hungry to learn, and puts the will of God above himself, even if it means taking accountability for things that make him uncomfortable.

A boy will feed your insecurities, manipulate your fears, and put the blame on you instead of reassuring you of his intentions and being understanding with your concerns. A Godly man will be turned off by what is crass or sinful, and pursue what is good, honorable and pure. AKA he will not butter you up with kindness and promises as an effort to get in your pants. He will stay true to his kind gestures and follow through with his promises as an effort to win a woman’s heart, NOT her body.

A boy will leave you wondering where you stand in a relationship. A godly man will make his intentions known. He won’t play with your heart or emotions but instead will be honest and careful with you, completely intentional.

A boy will never be changed by you and will continue to walk the path he created. A godly man will be continually changed by God into a better version of himself, again, following the Lords will, not his own.

This doesn’t mean that the “Christian boys” cannot change and be shaped into real men of God eventually, but ladies we must remember that God created us in His own image, WE are the precious daughters of the star breather, and any guy who claims to be a “Godly man” will not attempt to compromise or take advantage of you. They are not worthy of your time, heart, and most importantly your well being. Let that Christian boy you really like have time to grow up and mature before considering any type of relationship with them, because most times those “christians boys” are THE WORST. Trust me on this one. You are worth so much more than what someone who isn’t willing to put time into their own maturity and relationship with the One who made you has to offer.

Be smart. Go with your gut. If something is telling you “this boy is not genuine” or is giving any doubts, listen to that, maybe it’s God speaking to you.


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