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“Settling down”

“Settling down”

Ironically, watching Fifty Shades Darker at 11pm last night has inspired me to write this…

I’m only 23 and I am ready to “settle down.” There, I finally said it.

I have very much enjoyed my single life and being able to do the things I want. I enjoy being youthful, and living life like a normal 23 year old. I enjoy going out with my friends and making questionable decisions, occasionally, and no I do not want any of that to change just yet, but why should it just because I am ready to “settle down?” I don’t think it has to. Here’s why…

Over time I have realized that finding your person at a young age is not “like leaving the party at 9pm” I see it more as having someone with you at the party until 3am, someone who you know is going to be a great addition to the night.  Someone who makes the “party” more fun just by being with them. Someone who makes winding down at 9pm and staying in watching a movie give you the same feeling as staying out until the break of dawn, even if you’re still only 23.

I’m the type of person all I’ve ever wanted is to love and be loved in return. For what feels like the longest time I have focused my love on myself (something that has been much needed recently). I have never been the person who jumps from one relationship, immediately to another. I enjoy my time to myself. I enjoy my own life, I enjoy the people in my life, I don’t want someone who my life will revolve around, I want someone who will be a great addition to my life and live life with. And I would want the same for them. Someone to laugh with, cry with, make a wrong turn and get lost in a foreign place with. Someone to go on road trips with and to travel the world with and experience all that this amazing world has to offer. Someone to be your best friend that you also get to stay with every night and get to kiss them and stuff, which is also pretty cool. Even someone to get upset with then make up with because no matter how upset you get with them you love them too much to stay mad at and hold a grudge for longer than five minutes. Someone to be there through all of the good times, and the really terrible times. Someone to quite literally spend the rest of my own “forever” with.

“Settling down” is nothing at all like leaving the party at 9pm, in fact I hate that phrase all together. But at the end of the night, you do have to eventually leave and go home… why not have someone who makes “going home” or in this case, the rest of your life, feel like one big, crazy, eventful party? I’ve come to the conclusion that if it is the right person it will never feel like you are settling down.


So if my person is out there anywhere, I’ve been praying for you for as long as I can remember, and I’m finally ready for you.




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