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finding joy.

finding joy.

What makes you happy?

Someone asked me this the other day and I had to think on it for a little bit. I couldn’t give them an immediate answer… Sometimes I get too focused on life and forget to sit back and enjoy everything around me.

I think we are all guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world and don’t appreciate what is right in front of us. We should focus more on finding the joy in every day life.

So what does make me happy? What gives me joy?

Honestly, it’s the little things…

  • the way the lights reflect off of the wet pavement after it rains.
  • a summer rain, theres a calmness and purity in the air.
  • the little rainbows in the oil spots in the road.
  • rainbows in general.
  • the smell of an old book.
  • book stores and libraries.
  • WALKING ALONG THE BEACH, on that spot where the water just barely comes up to the shore, where the sand is not too hard, still fairly soft and it feels like you’re walking on a sponge.
  • acoustic covers of popular songs (if they’re done right) a current favorite is Already Gone by Sleeping at Last.
  • COFFEE ok, forever & always.
  • coffee shops.
  • driving through the city at night.
  • night drives in general with a really good playlist.
  • DOGS. dogs make me very, very happy. Especially dogs that come up to me without having to call them over.
  • antique shops. everything about it. the smell. the collectables. the fact that some of the things were once someone’s prized possession.
  • little hole in the wall diners/restaurants.
  • flowers. wildflowers. flower fields. flower shops. flowers. ok I love flowers and they make me so so happy.
  • neon signs.
  • the sound of scratches on an old vinyl record.
  • music shops, where you can flip through old vinyls and listen to people trying out new instruments.
  • photographs, real photographs that you have to get developed.
  • also polaroid pictures.
  • wrapping up in a blanket/sheets fresh out of the dryer on laundry day.
  • the cute little sounds that babies make.
  • writing/journaling.
  • getting a letter from someone.
  • that feeling you get when an old favorite song that you haven’t heard in a while comes on.

There are so many more things that I could add to that list but for the sake of time and the fact that you probably do not want to read a 12 page list of little things that make me happy I’ll keep it at this.

Reflect on what makes you happy, maybe you share some of mine, write them down if you want… try to focus on the simplicity of life and finding joy.

“Be still and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46:10


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