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Jesus is coffee.

Jesus is coffee.

I haven’t felt very well today. I’ve already taken 2 hot baths and it’s barely 3pm. 2:48pm to be exact.

As much as I know I need to be a responsible adult, sometimes you need to take care of yourself. Especially when it hinders your lack of focus and concentration.

Because I have had a lot of time on my hands today, my mind has wandered. Anyone who knows me knows how much of an over thinker I already am, so extra time on my hands can be detrimental, especially when I’m not feeling well.

My mind has been all over the place, thinking about things in the past, people I miss and wondering how they are, what they are up to. Thinking about the week ahead. But there is one thing that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since I woke up this morning and every morning really…


Pretty fitting right? I’d be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t addicted and completely dependent at this point.

Oh how much I enjoy coffee. How much happiness it brings me. How much better of a person it makes me. How undeniably wonderful it is. Let me tell you, there is nothing like catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee. It is one of my favorite pastimes… so coffee dates 11/10 recommend.

It got me thinking that coffee is a lot like life in many ways.

It’s bitter, but you can add sugar and cream to sweeten it up a little.. Regardless, I rely on it, I depend on it. Life is going to be bitter, but it’s what you make out of it. If you enjoy the process, even during the bitterness, life is still satisfying. But life can also be pretty sweet. Add in friends, family, adventures, hobbies you enjoy, even relaxation time and self care to sweeten it up. It is all what you put in.

Like our lives, our relationship with Christ is the same. The more you pour in, the sweeter it gets. If you go about your day just living your life, recognizing that God is there but not taking full advantage of Him, it can be pretty bitter because you’ve separated yourself from Him. Nonetheless you may still finish your day satisfied because you know God is still good. But if you pour into the word, pour into your relationship with Him and I mean really pour in, life gets so much sweeter. Give Him more of your time, give Him more of yourself. Allow Him to really move in you, and use you as a vessel. Be present with Him as much as possible. Maybe that’s having a conversation with Him on your commute to work, (for me I turn on Elevation worship and enjoy that quite time before my day gets started), having small talks with Him throughout the day, making the effort to do a devotion and read the word every morning or every night (or both, what can be better than beginning your day and ending your day with the one who has given you this life?) The more you put in, the more you get out of it, and the sweeter it becomes.

Not everyone has the same tastebuds, I get that… some people enjoy the bitter notes of coffee in all it’s natural glory (I also am learning to appreciate black coffee) so don’t take this too literally, it’s just an analogy that popped into my head during my state of overthinking. The point is, for me, Jesus is coffee. Satisfying, and my sole dependence throughout the day. I can leave it bitter, or I can make it sweet. 


“Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!” -1 Chronicles 16:11


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