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The story of the letter.

The story of the letter.

I’ve been stuck dealing with writers block and can’t seem to find anything inspirational to write about. I have a few ideas circling in my head but none of them feel right at the moment. So I think instead of googling “25 ideas to help with writers block” I think I’ll just tell you guys the story about the letter. I mean writing something is better than writing nothing at all, right? This is a personal blog after all…

The Letter.

So I wrote a letter. I planned it out to the very last detail. I stayed up late many nights rewriting it just to make sure it was perfect. Once I finished writing it, I didn’t touch it for several weeks. Probably over a month and a half. Before I even began writing this letter, I intended for it to be addressed at a specific date, if not hand delivered. Yes, I even had that part planned out too.

The backstory of this letter is one of innocence.

I guess I should start from the beginning of the letter writing process.

It is quite simple, really. Just a kind gesture for a friend who deserved something nice to be done for them, to know how much they are appreciated, how important they are, and how much they had impacted my life and the world around them.

To say I spoke life onto those sheets of white paper would be an understatement. I poured heart and soul into that letter just so they would know they would never be forgotten.

I’ve mentioned before in a previous post how much I love to love on others, and the recipient of that letter was certainly no exception.

The entirety of this letter writing process took about 3 weeks total. I was journaling one night before bed while I was reading through John 1 in my bible and it reminded me of a dear friend in my life. And so I decided I would write them a letter. That’s how it officially began. Throughout the course of the week I rewrote the letter a total of 4 times. I wanted to make sure it was something they would appreciate and something that was personal to them. Every single word was one of intricacy. I really wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect, down to the very last apostrophe. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist about my writing, okay. I was so proud of that letter.

After spending a total of 6 nights writing little bits of this letter before I went to sleep I finally decided to put the pen down. (I actually said “screw it, I’m exhausted over this and it probably won’t be much appreciated anyways.”) Then came the editing. Most of the editing process consisted of taking parts out, adding parts in, switching up the format a little so that it all flowed together seamlessly (like I said I’m a bit of a perfectionist when I’m writing). I then read and reread the letter almost every night for another week before eventually folding it up and putting it in a blank envelope, waiting to be addressed in the time to come.

If you’ve stayed with me this far, you are probably thinking one of two things, if not both…

  1. Who could possibly be worth spending THAT much time and effort writing a letter for?
  2. Did you finally deliver it?


Any given person who has impacted your life in some way deserves to know the appreciation you have for them, and is worth spending time writing a letter to. Take time to be genuine, sit down with a pen and piece of paper and writing someone a letter in your free time and send it to them as much as you can. I get it, nobody writes real letters anymore but they will feel good knowing someone took the time to think of them, and you will feel good knowing you impacted someone else.


The letter remains in the same blank, unaddressed envelope sitting between the pages of John chapter 1 in my bible, the place it has called home for the past 8 weeks.

I don’t know if the letter will ever make it’s way to it’s rightful recipient or if it will remain in John 1 for the rest of eternity. Life happens and seasons change, and the envelope once intended to be sent off to a mailbox somewhere now has no address to be sent to, but sits waiting hopefully.


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