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Summer Of (’18) :A recap.

Summer Of (’18) :A recap.

Summer of ’69 -Brian Adams

 “…now the times are changing, look at everything that’s come and gone…”

I can’t believe it’s already mid-September (exactly one day until my beloved Autumnal Equinox) which means summer is officially over!! How did that happen so quickly?? Although I am thoroughly excited for fall I do love the excitement of summer. It was just January and next thing ya know summer showed up ever so pleasantly and long over due from what felt like 5 months of January then a quick fast forward to June, and now summer leaves us. Another summer for the books, another season all wrapped up, just like that…

And boy has it been a life changing one.

This summer has been pretty good to me. I’ve learned some valuable life lessons, made changes to my day to day life, and really set out to be the best possible version of myself…. oh yeah, and I completely revamped my entire blog!

If you haven’t noticed, the blog looks a little bit different. (A little bit better also)… I have expanded into a new territory (something I will fill ya in about in a post soon to come). I have spent most of the summer brainstorming for what I want out of it, at one point I even created 4 different websites before finally deciding to stick to my WordPress roots and what I know… maybe I’ll use one of the rejects for a future endeavor. From here on out my blog will no longer be limited to personal experiences but to a variety of interests in attempt to redirect my focus on what I originally planned to be a lifestyle blog… Including health & beauty, style, fitness, travel, day to day, pretty much anything under the sun, so stay tuned for some fun stuff…

To close out the season, here is a recap of 18 things that happened Summer ’18, some seasonal faves, and a few life lessons learned along the way:

  1. Moved to a new place.
  2. Took a couple of spontaneous beach trips.
  3. Found a new favorite coffee shop (post soon to come about this awesome little joint!) Ya’ll already know ya girl LOVES a rich cup of coffee and I have found the most perfect little spot with what I believe is the best cup of joe known to mankind.
  4. STARTED MY BIG GIRL “Professional” CAREER. So yes, I am officially an adult. Complete with my 401k plan, health benefits, PTO, and daily breakdowns around 2pm.
  5. Developed a new skin care routine that has been going pretty smoothly so far (will share soon) I’ve been LOVING the Philosophy skincare line and can’t wait to fill you guys in on some AMAZING products that I swear by.
  6. Realized that I cannot control every situation, and sometimes I have to relinquish all power I may still be trying to meddle in the middle of, and truly just let it all take care of itself (basically when I say I’m giving something to God I gotta just GIVE IT UP.)
  7. Got a great tan… then lost it shortly after I started my 9-5 and it rained for two weeks straight… it was nice while it lasted.
  8. Met some AWESOME new people. Reconnected with old friends that I forgot were  also just as AWESOME people and still are… Basically I’ve surrounded myself with really awesome people and I’m definitely not mad about it. (maybe it’ll rub off on me and I won’t be lame anymore… you are the company you keep, right?? jk, a girl can dream).
  9. I took some losses. But then I let them go… and in the end I gained a lot of knowledge and willpower. Don’t let hurtful words from others hold you back… I know who I am and who God says I am and that’s all I am focused on. PEOPLE SUCK  (just kiddin! we’re all human and every single person you know is going to let you down and disappoint you at some point… this is just a fact of life so try not to take things too personally when someone may not treat you the most graciously… never forget that you’re gonna let someone down at some point, too.) I am super, super focused on myself now and I am glad I experienced a season of loss because it really helped me to regroup and make myself my main priority. It also allowed me to mend brokenness with others in my life and let go of a lot of hurt from my past.
  10. Spent the 4th of July tubing on the river and met some great new friends along the journey. I also learned that it is not a good idea to wear a one piece in 99 degree weather… it is also not a good idea to take the straps off your shoulders and assume that you can rock a cute strapless look with NO support and not potentially flash someone (this 100% happened, take my advice guys, if you have a gut feeling about something GO WITH THE GUT FEELING AND DON’T EMBARRASS YOURSELF)… this could hold truth to a lot of things but I can write a blog about that another time.
  11. I read 4 books I’ve had on my list for the longest time. (they were even better than I expected them to be). It is so good to just sit down and read and remove yourself from the rest of the world and escape inside a story… 11/10 recommend. I also have a list of books at the bottom of the page if anyone needs some recommendations.
  12. I QUIT BITING MY NAILS… this is something that seems really small, I know, but it is the worst habit I’ve had since probably high school. Such an unhealthy habit and usually I do it subconsciously out of stress/anxiety and I am PROUD okay.
  13. Stopped wearing heavy eye makeup… during the summer I like to go for a more effortless and natural look, I stopped wearing eyeliner, stopped wearing eyeshadow (excluding special occasions) and just kept it basic. I’m really glad I did this because it allowed me to see more of my natural beauty every day.
  14. Took a hiatus from all social media (one whole month to be exact) and it was REFRESHING to say the least. You never realize how much social media can begin to consume you until you delete all of your apps and find yourself scrolling on your phone to where that app used to be then hitting the power button and quickly remembering that you’re trying to limit your exposure and are setting out to be your best self mentally.
  15. Had a very eye opening experience and learned a valuable lesson about myself… Not everyone is who you expect them to be and it is so, so important to guard your heart at all costs. I realized how trusting of a person I am and how my vulnerability with people can put me in an extremely risky place… because of this I learned to not be so trusting with others because eventually that trust and authenticity could backfire… and maybe it’s better to even distance myself when I feel like I am beginning to get too close to someone. At the time I couldn’t make sense of the “why” and although that answer is still foggy, I understand more about myself now and it is always a good thing to know yourself better and some things you need to work on… At this point I am SO SINGLE guys it’s not even funny (actually it kinda is because I’m definitely not mad about it) I don’t have a single snapchat bestie or streak, no one that I send memes to regularly or keep up/text/call on a regular basis. Nothing. It’s just me, and even if I die this way I really think that I will be perfectly okay… I got my homie Jesus and that is the most fulfilling love and worthwhile relationship you will ever experience and invest in I PROMISE you.
  16. I gained 10 lbs…. this is random, and not something I’d normally share… but the point is IT’S OKAY. It happens. It’s life. We’re allowed to be human, it just means I’ve been eating goooood guys… I’ve been down on myself a lot lately because of it BUT this actually gives me a great opportunity to share my workout routines and my journey to my best (physical) self on the blog as well! (and yes, I know I’m still a small person, so 10lbs really isn’t that much but it feels like a lot to me, nothing wrong with being motivated).
  17. Got baptized… again… (also something else I will share another time) I can’t even talk anymore about this because I will start writing and I won’t be able to stop so I’ll spare you for a post soon to come… this event has had such a lasting effect on me which finally brings me to number 18…
  18. Fell back in love with life and am at a generally exciting place in my own life. Like I said I am so focused on myself and the prosperity of Maddie–nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING could bring me down off of this high I have right now… I found my future. I found my hope. I found my light. I found my purpose.

It has been quite the summer and I am partly sad to see it go but FALL is HERE, IT IS NOW, and it is my absolute favorite time of year so I’m positive that this next season is going to hold even more adventures, more experiences, more life lessons, and even more love and hope than before.

So this is my official goodbye and ode to the Summer of 2018…

You’ve been a good one.

Love ya long time,

Maddie Boggs

“…those were the best days of my life.”

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Dinner w family and watching airplanes @ CLT Douglas Airport


Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC


Tubing on the 4th of July (with said one piece that let me down that day)


Cheesecake Factory after my first week @ my new company

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Exploring Southend CLT


Southend Charlotte, NC


One of the AWESOME new people (aka coworker) in my life. This beautiful gal’s name is Sarah, and sorry boys, she’s already taken.


Charlotte, NC


Pizza from Benny Pennello’s and a chill day in the park-CLT, NC


Selfie after a really good day -Fort Mill, SC


Summer sky in North Carolina


Savannah, GA


Me feeling like a happy little kid at the beach, Tybee Island, GA


Feeling like a happy little kid pt 2. with a pretty filter added on -Tybee Island, GA


Cotton Candy skies -Tybee Island, GA


Me being the most awkward person at taking pictures that has ever existed, Tybee Island, GA.


Me being the most awkward person pt 2. Tybee Island


aaaannnddd Part 3. of being the most awkward person that has ever existed -Tybee Island, GA


Tybee Island pier and boardwalk, -Tybee Island, GA


Myrtle Beach, SC


Myrtle Beach, SC


Myrtle Beach, SC


Painters ice cream, Myrtle Beach, SC


Me & my mommy out uptown!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Chill day watercolor painting in the park w/ my gal Jayci


My first attempt at watercolor painting…. room for improvement lol

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Benny Pennello’s -Charlotte, NC

Processed with VSCO with fs1 preset

HEX coffee -Charlotte, NC


Sunset on the lake -Lake Wylie, SC


One of my fav worship nights @ Bible Study


Diving into the word early one morning


Bible study in Freedom Park -Charlotte, NC


The lion’s mane in full force -Uptown CLT, NC


Vineyard hangouts w my bestie for the restie Hannah -Douglas Vineyards, NC


Pt. 3… caught taking my own selfie -Douglas Vineyards, NC


Uptown CLT @ Sunset


Trying to figure out how to pose like a normal person on a floatie… it didn’t work out for me


anddd Part 2.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My gal pal Esther on July 4th


Me being awk per the usual but the colors are really pretty in this pic -Southend CLT


This has the potential to be a cute pic if I wasn’t squeezing the life out of my plastic cup… yet again the most awkward person @ taking pics that has ever existed -Sycamore Brewing -Southend CLT


Summer sunset -South Carolina


I really liked this sign. And it’s the truth.


Billy Graham Library -Charlotte, NC


My bestie for the restie Hannah hanging out at Douglas Vineyards (PS they have some AMAZING specialty wines & it’s one of our go-to spots)


Old friends Maddie, Hannah, and other Madi


I just really like trees ok? -Veteran’s Park, Kannapolis, NC


This guy wins at life.

Part 2… caught taking a selfie -Douglas Vineyards

A few more of those awesome people I mentioned earlier -Uptown CLT, NC

Romans 6:1-18… -The Factory Church, Charlotte, NC

Ephesians 4:4-6… -The Factory Church, Charlotte, NC

Galations 3:27 -The Factory Church, Charlotte, NC

Matthew 28:19-20… -The Factory Church, Charlotte, NC

Bible study in the park -Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC

My gal pal & sis Katey -Freedom Park, Charlotte, NC


another one @ the vineyard #whereareMaddieseyebrows #blondieprobs -Douglas Vineyards


mi padre avoiding his job responsibilities by showing up to church -The Factory Church, Charlotte, NC


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