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American Girl (Writing a Blog)

American Girl (Writing a Blog)

American Girl -Tom Petty

“…after all it was a great big world with lots of places to run to.”

I have received A LOT of support for my writing and my blog since I started this whole shindig back in December. You guys are awesome and it’s been an overwhelming amount of support and I am so appreciative of it!!

I’ve been doing this thing for several months now, and haven’t been as persistent as I planned to be… Life happens, I’ve been stuck a few times, didn’t know what to write about, would come up with something then lose inspiration. I’ve also been focusing on things from a spiritual aspect which is a HUGE part of my life, and so many people support it, but I initially created my blog to not only be about my life and my experiences but something that includes my wide scale of interests and just a little bit of everything.

SO… I’ve brainstormed and have done a lot of inner soul searching for what I really want to do with my blog and I am so motivated by what I’ve come up with.

I’m excited to take this into a different direction. Of course I’m still going to keep at my spiritual posts because a lot of you love them so much, but those are posts that are very personal to me and what I am going through emotionally, seasonally, and of course spiritually.

I’m going to give you less of me and my personal life by incorporating a little bit more of everyday me and my personality. (sounds contradicting, but I promise you will see what I mean by that soon enough)

One BIG fact about myself:

I love music.

That is probably my first passion in life. Writing being my second. People being my third.

But more specifically….

*que Joan Jett and The Blackhearts*


I’m serious.

Little bit of a back story about Maddie Boggs….

I was blessed to have a dad who is a former rock star himself, and both of my parents loved me enough to raise me on the good stuff. The REAL stuff.

I’m talking Queen, The Beatles, Sweet, Styx, KISS, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, CCR (okay I get those last two mainly from my mom) Aerosmith, The Proclaimers, The Who, TOM PETTY, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, Metallica, Boston, Journey, The Rolling Stones (the list goes on and on). And because I was raised on such an intellectual, pure art form…… I mean seriously you can’t tell me that Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t THE most lyrically genius song of ALL TIME……. I have successfully established a solid collection of my own including The Killers, Weezer, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, Blink 182, Nirvana, AAR, Fall Out Boy, RHCP, Green Day, Live, The Cranberries, Matchbox Twenty, Neon Trees, Walk the Moon, Foster The People, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup, and like a hundred others…. basically if you want a killer playlist, just ask ya girl.

But the most important of them all….

Elvis Presley.

EVERYTHING ELVIS I am obsessed with. He is THE KING after all, how can I not love him??? (I’m pretty sure Tom Petty had Maddie Boggs in mind when he wrote the song Free Fallin’… “she’s a good girl, crazy ’bout Elvis”)

I love music so much. It is the biggest stress reliever for me to just put a song that I love and escape to my own little world. (I’m also really big on acoustics and covers, and also have a pretty solid playlist of that particular genre that I titled ‘”Laundry Day”) P.S. I actually shared it at the bottom of this page so go ahead and subscribe 🙂

… back on topic…..

I AM SO EXCITED to start incorporating my love for music into my posts in a small, but very unique way which I’m sure you will begin to catch onto as I write more and post more…

But this isn’t the only revision I am implementing… trust me, when Maddie Boggs brainstorms, Maddie goes HARD with the brainstorming.

I have so many little interests that I want to share with the world, including my love for style and beauty, and just being a total girly-girl sometimes. Health and self care is also something that has become more important to me the older I have gotten so I’ll definitely be sharing a little bit of fitness/workouts/and healthy alternatives…

I also want to share things that everybody can relate to, which is why if anyone ever has a request, I’ll write about it. Seriously. I’ve always been drawn to other people and have felt the desire to relate to others on a more personal level. I have a heart for people and maybe this is being placed on me for a reason… maybe this is a calling for me, to be a voice.

I’m a pretty bold person. I’ve never been afraid of the world or what the world thinks of me, I”ve never been afraid of speaking up and sharing what is on my mind or what I am feeling. I’ve never met a stranger. So for me to be able to connect with the world through something I have a passion for is an endeavor that I will pursue with my entire being.

I also have a few exciting opportunities lined up in the very near future! I’m a super adventurous person and I’m excited to combine that with my new blog… can’t give out too much info right now so updates to come about this little venture I have up my sleeve.

One last thing… YouTube… Yup, I’m going there… I’ve already begun creating a few different projects and am stoked to finish it up and have them up on my channel soon!! Just to put my toes in the water a little bit, I’ve attached an intro video at the end of this post. (***disclaimer*** obviously still working on the editing aspect of creating vids but I’m getting better on a daily basis so don’t judge me too hard okay??)

I have so many ideas in my thinking cap and there’s just not nearly enough time in the day to do all of this at once. It will be a process but I am eager to see what the future holds for this little platform I have created.

Of course it is going to be a challenge for me seeing as my day job/big girl career is one of my main priorities at this time in my life… trying to balance career, family, friends, and of course my spiritual life is flustering at times but I’m getting there… (however my blog is another top contender, just not as high on the list). I am going to try to post as much as I can as time will allow for it. I have the tendency to burn myself out very easily so finding a good balance is going to be the first step.

And yes, I am still going to maintain my inspirational/spiritual blogs that has made this platform what it is. I plan to post to that aspect of my blog as much as possible and you can find them all under the “INSPO” tab or in the archives just to keep it all in one place.

In conclusion, thank you all for your immense support for my writing and my voice. I started this thing out as a way to express myself and just get the thoughts out of my head and maybe relate to a few people along the way… I have a feeling this may just turn into something very beautiful.

As always, spread kindness… And above all else, love.

With all of mine,

Maddie Boggs.

“she was… an American Girl.”


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