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All You Need is (COFFEE)

All You Need is (COFFEE)

All You Need Is Love -The Beatles

Alright guys. Real Talk. 

…All you need is love, love (and coffee)

I’ve drank a lot of coffee in my 23 orbits around the big shiny star in the sky. I came straight outta the womb hooked on it. #notashamed.

So you might be thinking to yourself “dang girl how has your nervous system not completely spazzed out and shut down after all that caffeine intake?” and I ask myself that same question daily… I probably should cut back but it’s SO GOOD GUYS. And I’ve been told that when you find the somebody/something unlike anyone/anything else you’ve ever known, that not only makes you so happy and excited about life but accepts you for exactly who you are, forgives the worst parts of you, and truly makes you a better person, you gotta hold onto it VERY TIGHTLY and don’t let go of it. If you let that go without really thinking it through, you could spend the rest of your life wondering what could have been and I am not about that. I might be a person of taking risks but that is one risk I will never be willing to take. So coffee is here to stay. I am 112% committed to this relationship until death do us both part.

I’ve spent almost a decade searching. Patiently waiting for the right one to show up. Countless disappointments. Messy breakups where I say “I’m moving onto better” but because it’s all I have known I accept the complacency and go back to it. I’ve had a few short affairs, some “one and done’s” because you never know if you don’t just try it out, right? No success so I go back to the repetitive, complacent relationship. After several years, with a happy and full heart I can finally say it…

I have found the one I will spend the rest of my life committed to.

The one that leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, the one that makes me a better person, the one that accepts me for every part of who I am, the one that satan himself could not break the bonds of.

Rosa’s Coffee.

I grew up on Maxwell house, so for the longest time that’s what I stuck with. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but after a while it just doesn’t “wow” me anymore… so I regretfully switched to the Starbucks blonde roast for a short time, tried a few different brands once or twice, but never felt anything magical so I just went back to what I had always known… Maxwell house. Until one day I was introduced to this awesome little company called Farmer’s First.

Farmer’s First is a company founded by these two awesome guys named Matt and Robert (you can read about their incredible story here) that partner with individual, small coffee farmers, cutting out the money-hungry middle man, and giving back a 50% bonus on top of the market price. This market price can be as much as four times higher than “fair” trade. “Fair” in quotations because once you do your research it really isn’t fair IN THE SLIGHTEST. It is an AMAZING company that gives back and is committed to solve the poverty crisis amongst these farmers…

Think about it guys… most of us live and run off of our morning (and in my case also afternoon and evening) cup of Joe… typically which we just go to the store and buy without even knowing where it came from, who actually grew it, maintained it, produced it, even less how much they were paid for their efforts in making my day to day better. Thats a huge reason why I love this company so much and will support it always… It is not fair that coffee farmers are living in poverty so that I can enjoy my coffee for a fraction of the actual cost. That’s gotta stop. They’re trying to provide for their families and pave the way for a successful future just like the rest of us.

You can order from the individual farmers off their website. They give a detailed description of where the farm is located, who they are, their motivations, and how they grow it. They make it a mission for you to know who these people are and how your purchase will contribute to their farms, their families and really make your buying experience more personal… not just hitting up the grocery store and buying a tub of coffee. Here’s a link so you can go check these super cool guys out:

Farmer’s First


Rosa Lloclla, is MY HOMEGIRL. She doesn’t know me but we are besties and I love her. She is amazing. She gives me life every single morning. She makes my day so much better. She makes me a better person and easier for others to deal with on a day to day basis…. so y’all can thank Rosa for the fact that I am super friendly and easy to get along with most days…

Okay, all jokes aside this is THE BEST coffee I have ever had the privilege of consuming. It is grown exclusively in Peru on a farm owned and ran by a woman named Rosa. Her coffee is really special. It includes two of my favorites into one: coffee and CHOCOLATE… Her coffee has a chocolate undertone to it which really brings out the rich, earthy flavors of the coffee bean itself… now I’m not too big on black coffee, ya girl loves her cream BUT I could drink this coffee straight out of the French press ALL. DAY. LONG. It is THAT GOOD guys. I’m gonna go ahead and drop the link to her farm so you can read up on her, who she is, her mission, her community, and the outreach this company is contributing to through helping her farm.

Farmer’s First: Rosa

So maybe chocolate isn’t for you… that’s totally fine because they partner with THREE other farmers to make sure you are taken care of. I’ve also tried Emiliano’s coffee and it is equally as amazing. (I’m just really partial to chocolate).

By the way guys I have absolutely no affiliation or partnership with this company… they actually have zero knowledge of who I am, my blog, or how much their company has made my life better… I’m just a regular ole coffee drinker who happened to discover them at a BBQ festival… (could it get any more southern than that??)

As a human being also trying to shine my light upon this world, I am really proud of them and what they are doing and will continue to support them for the tremendous good they are bringing to these families and to the rest of the world.

So, this concludes my spiel on the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, I really hope you will check them out and support what they are doing… read up on them, fall in love with them like I did, and GET YOU SOME GOOD COFFEE OK? You’ll be glad you did, and you can thank me later.

Let’s all be more like Matt and Robert and help each other out… one day we may need it, too. Keep spreading kindness and above all, love.



  1. Amanda
    October 8, 2018 / 11:13 am


    Matt is actually my old neighbor and friend of mine! This morning, I had a cup of Rosa’s coffee black, and like you, I normally drink it with cream. However, I didn’t have any but I really needed my coffee. I heated my water and made it in my French press as usual and BAM! It was so delicious! I texted Matt and told him of my experience and he sent me your article. So glad there are people committed to good coffee and good missions!

    • taramaddieboggs
      October 9, 2018 / 4:06 pm

      That’s so awesome!!!! Rosa’s is my fav!! And AGREED this world needs more of people like them!!

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