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The one where she saves the world.

The one where she saves the world.

~so no one told you life was gonna be this way πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ~

I never wanted to be friends with my best friend. <– 100% true story.

She wasn’t fond of me that much either.

The first time I spoke to Esther, I specifically remember thinking “she’s cool I guess but idk, I can’t see myself getting too close to her, ever.”

(ironically, she felt the same way, we talked about this later)

But God works in super-mysterious ways.


The very first time I met Esther was New Years Eve 2017. My friend/sis Karsynn was throwing a little NYE soiree, and a few of us were going to Elevation afterwards to ring in the year at their midnight service. Those “few” ended up being one of my other best friend’s who was always like a sister; Allie, then Esther, and myself.

So we get to Elevation, right, and I’m sitting in the middle of the two, and towards the end of the service Allie goes MIA (per the usual). And it’s just me and this girl who was practically a stranger. Steven Furtick starts counting down into midnight, and still no Allie.

Clock strikes 12… it is officially January 1st, 2018 and Allie is still missing so I turn and look at this gal that I had weird vibes about like “ok well, Happy New Year” *awk hug*

Now typically when you celebrate this day, you spend it with your CLOSEST friends, the people who mean the most to you, so you can start the new year off with your favorite people, I mean naturally who wouldn’t, right? Allie is one of my favorite people so I was ok going to Elevation with another stranger, because I still had Allie.


I had no idea… but God did.

Because you wanna know the person I grew the closest with in 2018? Β  Β Esther.

The first person I called during every tribulation in my life? Β  Β Esther.

The person who impacted my faith the most that year? Β  Β Esther.

The person who I knew would always hold me accountable and not let me fall? Β  Β  Esther.

The person I ended up needing by my side the most? Β  Β  Esther Pinto.


It turns out we could relate to each other in more ways than I ever realized.

We have so many similar qualities, the same taste in music which is a HUGE bonus, bc car rides are always fun.


The only person who can throw a tantrum over missing bicycles and tell me to leave so she can be alone in her misery & it not offend me…. Esther.

I know that sounds super outrageous, and I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for throwing that detail in there, but I get it, because I’ve been there. Truth is, it wasn’t really about the bikes, but something much deeper. And I know exactly where those emotions come from. I’m the same way, I’ve been through the same experience.

— oh btw Esther if you’re reading this, you owe me for my wasted gas… I heard you know how to fundraise pretty well, so it shouldn’t be a big issue….. KIDDING ha!–


The same person I felt an awkwardness sitting beside, became the same person I cuddled up into bed with and binge watched FRIENDS with… all within a short year.


However, due to the fact that Esther has so selfishly decided to embrace her “servants heart” I am now stuck with the inconvenience of having to find a replacement to binge FRIENDS with.

Though no one could ever replace Esther, I know it’s necessary.


She’s off to change the world.

12 countries. 11 months. Countless souls.


God knew I needed Esther.

And I’ve had my time with her… but I know in my heart there’s other humans somewhere out there in the world that are going to need Esther more than I will over the next year… and just like how it happened for myself, they don’t even know it yet.

I couldn’t be more proud of this gal. And my heart is so full of joy with what she is setting out to accomplish. She is one of my truest, dearest friends, and I know I will still get the rest of my life to have her around when she returns. So I guess it’s okay if they borrow her for almost a year. I know she’ll still be in prayer for me thousands of miles away, and Lord knows I’m already praying over her life and her journey.


I 187982398706% believe soulmates exist in this world… perhaps more than one in a lifetime. And I know that Esther is one of mine.


Hey, Esther *Jean* Pinto…

ya know what you should wear to go on The World Race….

how about a t-shirt that says “I don’t belong here”

Kidding! you totally belong there, in fact I can’t think of another person more perfect for it.


Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created. Β  -Esther 4:14

“and who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”


~I’ll be there for you…. cause you’re there for me, too~


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