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About Me

 Sympathy for the Devil -The Rolling Stones

“Please allow me to introduce myself…”

My name is Tara Madison Boggs (formally known as Maddie). I grew up in a small town in North Carolina and am definitely a little southern gal at heart. Currently residing in the south Charlotte area and am loving every single minute of it so I think this small town gal may also have a little bit of Uptown Girl in her (peep my Billy Joel reference) I love the city with all of my heart… I live for the fact that there is a coffee shop on every corner and ALWAYS something to do, somewhere to explore. But my roots will always be the small town, slower way of life. I love football. I grew up on football so from mid-August to late January is when I thrive. I’ve been a Carolina Panther since shortly after birth and will ALWAYS RIDE FOR MY TEAM. (I also get super competitive about it so enter at your own risk). I am very much a girly-girl with every fiber of my being. I was that girl who wasn’t at all coordinated when it came to sports but could tumble her little butt off on the sidelines. I love fashion, makeup, hair, I’ll stay up unto 1am sometimes just watching beauty bloggers on YouTube…

These are all little things that make up about 25% of my personality, but here is the meat and potatoes of who I really am:

I started this whole “blogging” thing in December of 2017 and really had no idea what I was doing… truthfully I still don’t. I just know that I want to do something on a bigger level, and to be a source of light in this world. As it turns out my light sometimes shines through my voice and my words… that’s why I started my personal blog.

There are only a couple of things you absolutely need to know about me:

  1. I am an avid coffee enthusiast. (that’s basically a soft way of putting “I am completely addicted and have lost all self control”) I didn’t choose the bean life, the bean life CHOSE ME.
  2. I am completely, whole heartedly passionate about people. Seriously…. don’t get me wrong I very much value being anti-social. Sometimes I just need “me time” but in general I love people. And I love to love people and love on others.

We’ve gotta stand by one another in this world. We have to build each other up. In a society where our community as a whole is completely broken, we have to come together and be hope for one another. Every single person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about… and it’s important to fight that battle with them, even if your only contribution is just a “Hey, you’re awesome! And you’re gonna kill it today!!”

So let’s be friends!! And join me on this crazy journey we call life so that you can be a source of light and hope for me, and maybe I can be that for you too. xoxo.

“pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.”